The Estate

The school building housing the dormitories, classrooms, laboratories, and offices are all located in a horseshoe shaped three storied building with the base having another building connecting the two ends of the horseshoe. The dormitories can accommodate around 1200 students. There is a multipurpose hall which serves as venue for cultural programs and other events. There is a parade cum playground in the center which allows students to play football, volleyball and run.


The school store is responsible for the provision of uniforms, shoes, sports gear, and other basic requirements of the girls.

Dining Room

The school dining room has the capacity to seat about 500 students at a time. Nutritious and balanced meals are served according to a diet chart prepared by the school administration. Students’ opinion is taken into consideration while setting the food menu.

Medical Care

The school is located adjacent to the 1050 bed Kumudini Hospital. Bharateswari Homes students are provided priority treatment at Kumudini Hospital. In addition to providing all sorts of emergency treatment senior physicians, eye specialists, dentists and other specialists are on-call.  Inoculation and vaccination are periodically administered to the girls with the permission of the parents. In case of illness or an emergency, the parents and guardians of the girls are kept informed and treatment is given with their permission.

Worship Areas

The school provides equal opportunity to all students in carrying out their religious obligations. All religions are provided with specific worship areas. All religious occasions are celebrated with due fervour and respect. This is to preserve the secular ethos of the school and to inculcate  respect for all religions.