Primary Section:

Bengali, English, Mathematics, General Science, Social Science,  Religion & Moral Education, Drawing and Music.

Junior Section:

Bengali, English, Mathematics, Bangladesh & Global Studies, Science, Religion & moral education, Home Economics, Information & Communication Technology, Arts and Crafts,  Physical Education & Health, Work & Life oriented Education.

Secondary Section:

(Common for all groups) : 

Bengali, English, Mathematics, Religion & Moral Education, Physical Education, Health & Sports, Information & Communication Technology, Carrier Education.

(Science Group)
Physics, Chemistry, Biology/ Higher Mathematics, Bangladesh & Global Studies
Optional- Biology/ Higher Mathematics.

(Humanities Group)
History, Civics, Geography/ Economics, Science
Optional- Home Science.

(Business Studies Group)
Accounting, Business Entrepreneurship, Finance and Banking, Science
Optional-Home Science.

Higher Secondary:

(Common for all groups) :
Bengali, English, Information & communication Technology

(Science Group)
Physics, Chemistry, Biology/ Higher Mathematics.
4th Subject- Biology/ Higher Mathematics/ Statistics/ Geography/ Agriculture.

(Humanities Group)
Economics, Civics, Logic, History, Geography.
(Three subjects to be chosen as compulsory subjects.)
4th Subject- Logic/ History/ Geography/ Statistics/ Agriculture.

(Business Studies Group)
Business Organization & Management, Production Management and Marketing, Accounting, 4th Subject – Statistics / Agriculture