1. When does the academic year start?
  2. How many semesters are there?
  3. What is the teacher-student ratio?
  4. What is the pass rate in SSC and HSC examinations?
  5. How many students get an ‘A+’ in these examinations?
  6. What is the typical class size?
  7. How many times can a student come home in an academic year?
  8. Do you have student counsellors?
  9. Are students allowed to use their mobile phones?
  10. List some of the extra-curricular activities.
  11. Do we give stipends? How much do we charge from the students as tuition, for food etc?
  12. What programs do you have to develop the character and physical fitness of the students?


  1. From January for secondary section (6-10) and from July for Higher Secondary section (11) according to the instruction of Dhaka Education Board.
    2. Two examinations (half yearly and yearly exam) for Secondary and Higher secondary section in a year.
    3. Ratio is about 13:1.
    4.SSC:-100% and HSC:-100% per year.
    5. SSC- A+ – 28%; A – 70%, others- 2% & HSC- A+ – 43%; A- 54%, others- 3%
    6. 25-30 students per section in each class.
    7. In the interest of continuous study of students, students will not be given leave to go home except for two Eids, Durga Puja and winter / summer vacations in a year.
    8. Yes. We have counselor team in our campus.
    9. Mobile phone is prohibited to use at Bharateswari Homes. Only they can contact with their parents through their Mother Teacher.
    10. Sports:-indoor-Carrom,Tennis,Ludo,Chess,Bagaduli. Outdoor- Cricket,Football,Volleyball, Badminton,Cycling,Athletics, Horse Riding. Hobby:Music,Acting,Dance,Recitation Club:-Science,Debate,Art,Sports,English,Business,Cultural,Literature.Drill display and physical exercise are the vital activities of Bharateswari Homes.
    11. Yes. We provide stipend for only meritorious students as per their outstanding result.
    12. By increasing their discipline and punctuality, moral values, patience, Sense of brotherhood, Compassion, Human service, nationalism, adaptation and by providing standard education, we build them as good citizens. We always follow the doctrine of our beloved Jethamoni, Ranada Prasad Shaha“Simple living, High thinking”.