1. Monthly tuition fee must be paid in advance (within 15 days). Otherwise, 5% penalty will be applicable. Tuition fee should be deposited directly in the office of the institution on the parent’s day or in the bank account on any day and the information should be conveyed through phone / SMS / mail on the office mobile. 

    1. None other than the holder of the ID card issued by the institution can enter on Parents’ Day. No boy over the age of 10 should be brought along for the safety of the children. Students cannot be taken out on Parents’ Day. 
    2. It is forbidden to bring any kind of cooked food in the interest of keeping the institution clean and germ free. 
    3. Bharateshwari Homes is a complete residential institution and the number of seats is fixed. Therefore, if you want to take TC at any time in the middle of the year after admission, you have to pay at least 50% of the tuition fee for the rest of the year. 
    4. Only parents or authorized guardians should be present when the students are taken home on vacation. 
    5. In the interest of uninterrupted study, students are not allowed leave to go home except for two Eids, Durga Puja and winter / summer vacations per year. 
    6. If any student is ill, the nurse at the institution observes him / her, calls a doctor and administers the necessary medicine. Parents only have to bear the cost of medical tests and medication. If the disease is contagious, the parents are informed and the student taken away.