Every year Bharateswari Homes organize the annual sports day. It has great importance in the life of a student. Along with great fun, it is also a good learning experience. Apart from games and sports, students appreciate the importance of the sporting spirit. Every game will have losers and winners. While winners get motivated to work even harder, losers learn to accept defeat in the right spirit. Thus, a sports day in school is the event that everybody looks forward to. Sports day is also important as it instigates the significance of physical exercise among the students. Playing a sport regularly keeps a child fit. Physical activities also increase metabolic activities, good for our health. The date is announced in advance to allow students ample time to practice. Various games and events take place. The grounds are also very particularly laid down; white chalk powder lines are drawn for different events. Victory stands are beautifully decorated to make the victors feel proud. A few tournaments happen before the sports day such as volleyball, football, tennis and badminton. Finally, on the annual sports day, students come smartly dressed in white with matching sports shoes. The function begins with flag hoisting by the chief guest. The chief guest speaks on the importance of sports and sports day and declares it open, whereupon the events start. Parents and guardians of the children are also invited to encourage participants. The events take place in a well-disciplined manner. Events such as races, short-put, discus throw gymnastics, pyramids, long and high jumps, etc. happen one after another. It is a pleasure to see children perform with great energy and enthusiasm. The winners are listed and take their places on the victory stand and cheered by one and all. The games and sports last for three to four hours culminating in the most interesting part-the moment of appreciating the winners by awarding the prizes, cups and shields by Guests, Director, Advisor and Principal.